Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal, Your Key To A Smoother Face

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For centuries, humans have used different tools to remove their facial hair to achieve smoother skin. But even though the cultural need to remove unwanted facial hair has remained constant, the methods used, as well as their accessibility, have evolved significantly. From the oldest-recorded method of hair removal, sugaring, to advanced techniques like laser hair removal, we’ve come a long way. 

Today, facial hair removal methods are much faster and accessible, allowing many people to achieve quicker results. But despite being faster, most methods require people to go through the same, arduous cycle every few days or weeks. Then, permanent facial hair removal changed everything. And with recent innovations in technology, permanent hair removal isn’t just faster, but painless and highly effective at the same time. 

Upper Lip Hair Removal: Why Laser Therapy is The Answer 

Because women generally don’t have prominent facial hair, removing it isn’t a norm. That being said, some women may have thicker, darker hair on their upper lip or chin because of genetics or conditions like PCOS. Even if they don’t, facial hair can affect makeup application and contribute to accumulation of dead skin cells and excess oils. 

So, many women choose to remove facial hair for smoother, softer skin. And because hair on the face looks very prominent, they need to do it often. That’s why upper lip laser hair removal is gaining popularity: it can help you avoid this hassle entirely. After permanently removing the hair, you can ensure smooth skin and flawless makeup application all year round. 

What is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal? 

It’s a permanent hair removal method that uses a laser to remove hair from the upper lip. The results last for several months to a few years, but require annual or bi-annual sessions for maintenance. During upper lip laser hair removal, the light from the laser is absorbed by pigment in the hair. The light converts to heat and disrupts the hair follicles, which are responsible for producing hair. This process delays further hair growth. 

Who Benefits From Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal 

Because the laser disrupts hair follicles by targeting the pigment in them, you’re likely to experience better results if you have thicker, darker hair. 

And because the laser needs to detect a difference between the skin and hair for greater precision, people with lighter skin tones and darker hair tend to see great results. That being said, professional clinics like Donna Bella Med Spa can safely use laser treatment for a variety of hair textures and skin types. 

Benefits of Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal 

In case you’re still on the fence about getting upper lip laser hair removal, here are some of the benefits. 

Faster Results 

A major reason many women are choosing laser therapy for permanent hair removal is that it gives faster results than other methods, like electrolysis. In just one session, you can expect to see a 10 to 20 percent reduction in hair. 

Even if hair does grow, it’s much thinner and lighter, making it less visible. More importantly, the results improve over time, so each time you have an appointment, you’ll see a marked reduction in hair visibility and growth. 

Long-Lasting Results 

In about 6 to 8 treatment sessions, you can expect an 85 percent permanent reduction in hair. After that, you’ll only need to schedule an annual maintenance session to retain the results.  In contrast, results from methods like waxing or shaving only last a few weeks or days. Even if you choose another method, such as electrolysis, you’ll need at least 8 to 12 sessions for visible results. 

Safe and Precise 

If safety is your main concern, laser hair removal, when done by a trained and licensed professional, is very safe and highly effective. And even though it targets with a laser instead of inserting a needle into the hair follicle like in electrolysis, it’s still very precise. That’s because it targets the melanin (pigmentation) in the hair follicle as a means to inhibit hair growth. 

Saves Time

Laser treatment sessions are spaced about 6 weeks apart, so you don’t have to spend time waxing every few weeks or shaving every couple of days. Not to mention, the actual treatment session takes about 10 minutes. That’s fast enough for you to get a treatment session during your lunch break at work! That’s faster than electrolysis, which can take between 15 to 30 minutes for a session, and just as fast as waxing. 

It Doesn’t Hurt

While long-lasting results are the main thing that women look for in a hair removal method, another aspect is pain. Or more specifically, how much a specific hair removal method hurts. This is another area where laser therapy wins yet again. 

Not only does it hurt less than methods like plucking and waxing, it also causes less discomfort than other permanent methods, like electrolysis. In case you were wondering: most people who have gotten laser hair therapy explain that it feels like snapping a rubber band against the skin. 

Preserves Your Skin Texture

Years of waxing and shaving can really take a toll on your skin. From hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs to cuts and bumps, your skin can appear uneven and rough. Meanwhile, laser therapy doesn’t affect the texture of your skin since it’s a non-invasive procedure. As the name suggests, it uses a laser to target the hair follicles, so it doesn’t harm the surface of your skin. 

Saves Money In The Long Run

One of the considerations women have regarding this technique is that the initial cost is higher compared to other methods. But despite the higher initial cost, you save money in the long run by not needing to buy things like razors or waxing appointments with an esthetician. 

What To Expect During Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal 

While the results of upper lip laser hair removal are similar to methods like waxing, it’s still a clinical procedure. That means it involves the use of specialized equipment by a licensed professional, as well as specific safety measures.  

Pre-Session Prep

Before your appointment, you may need to take a few steps to ensure effective results. These include: 

  • Limiting sun exposure: Laser treatment is much more difficult on tanned skin, and it may even lead poor results. Increased melanin in tanned skin can result in off-target absorption of the laser light. Not to mention, excessive sun exposure leaves your skin feeling sensitive, increasing the risk of burning.   
  • Don’t wax or pluck hair from your upper lip: In order for laser therapy to work, there needs to be a hair follicle present. Waxing or plucking removes the hair follicle, rendering the treatment ineffective. 
  • Avoid certain skin care products: Common skin care products like exfoliants can make the skin more sensitive to light. Since laser therapy involves using a light to target hair follicles, photosensitive skin has a higher risk of experiencing burns. 
  • Remember to shave 24 to 48 hours before your appointment: Skipping the pre-session shave can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, as hair above the skin absorbs heat from the laser, diverting it from hair follicles. It can also result in swelling and redness. 
  • Don’t apply makeup or sunscreen on the day of your appointment: If you can’t avoid wearing makeup or sunscreen, ask for a wipe to remove any product on your face. 

Laser Therapy Session

The appointments will be brief, especially considering you’re going for upper lip laser hair removal. Once you’re there, you’ll be given protective goggles to prevent the laser from affecting your eyes. You’ll also be given some numbing cream to reduce discomfort. 

  • Once your skin is clean and the upper lip area is prepared, your dermatologist will hold the skin in place. 
  • They’ll apply the laser to your skin, which can cause a pinprick-like sensation. On the whole, it’s pretty painless and the discomfort subsides after some time.  

After the session, your dermatologist will help you schedule further sessions while spacing them 4 to 5 weeks apart. 

In as little as three sessions, you’ll start noticing less hair growth. And after about 6 sessions, you’ll see a permanent reduction in hair growth (about 85 percent). Considering the hair growth cycle requires you to wait between 4 to 6 weeks between appointments, the entire process can take about half a year or more. 

Post-Session Aftercare 

A major benefit of laser therapy is that it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require any downtime after a treatment session. Whether you have to go to work or take care of household chores, you can go back to your day-to-day routine. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to practice a bit of aftercare for better results: 

  • Avoid strenuous activity and excessive sun exposure right after a treatment session 
  • Since your skin is very sensitive, avoid taking hot showers or hot baths for 48 hours. 
  • Don’t apply makeup to the area for at least 48 hours. 
  • Don’t exfoliate or apply pressure to the area for a few days. 

Possible Side Effects

After a laser treatment session, you may experience some side effects, such as: 

  • Irritation, redness, and swelling on the treatment area, though it subsides after some time. 
  • Slight pain and discomfort soon after the session. 
  • Blistering and crusting are rare side effects. 
  • Temporary changes in skin tone of the treatment area. 

Keep in mind that the chances of experiencing side effects are significantly lowered by seeing a licensed and experienced dermatologist using the latest equipment. 

Things To Know Before Getting Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal 

Before you rush to book your first upper lip laser hair removal session, you need to keep a few things in mind.

See a Licensed Dermatologist 

For starters, you should see a licensed dermatologist with experience in the field. Not only does it ensure effective results, but they can also tell if upper lip laser hair removal is the right option for you. Certain factors, like your skin tone, hormone imbalance, and skin exposure can affect the results of laser hair removal. 

For instance, it’s not recommended to get laser therapy if you have a skin condition like eczema since it can make things worse. Much like upper lip laser hair removal, addressing alcohol withdrawal symptoms is crucial for maintaining health. Therefore, it’s recommended to tell your dermatologist about any existing health conditions that could affect results. 

Your Hair Color and Skin Tone Plays a Role

Having darker skin or light hair can affect the laser’s ability to accurately target hair follicles. If that’s the case, you should ask your dermatologist whether their laser can be adjusted to emit the right wavelength for dark skin. 

You’ll Need Multiple Appointments 

Another important consideration, as mentioned above, is that you’ll need multiple sessions. For the treatment to reduce hair growth, the laser needs to target hair follicles during the growth stage. Because only about 20 percent of hair follicles are currently in the growth phase, it takes multiple sessions for the laser to effectively target all the hair follicles in an area. 

You Shouldn’t Skip Appointments 

Even though you’ll start seeing results after as little as three sessions, your hair will still grow back. To avoid undoing all your progress, it’s recommended that you consistently attend all your appointments.  

Expect Some Acne and Discomfort 

If you have oily and acne prone skin, then the first few laser hair removal sessions may trigger the area, leading to mild breakouts. But as you continue taking more sessions, your skin condition will start improving.  And while upper lip laser hair removal comes with some discomfort, it generally reduces with each session.  

Schedule Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal With Donna Bella Laser Medspa

All things considered, upper lip laser hair removal is the best method to permanently remove hair from your upper lip. It’s fast, effective, and saves you money in the long term. So, if you’re ready to start your permanent hair removal journey, get in touch with our experts at Donna Bella Laser Medspa.

Table of Contents

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